Die DA plan vir skoon, goedkoop en betroubare elektrisiteitsvoorsiening

NASIONALE VERKIESING 2019 – Minister Alan Winde, die DA se Wes-Kaap Premierskandidaat, is tans op ‘n besoek aan boere in Karoo en het in die aangehegte klankgreep sy waarneming gedeel rondom sonkrag-oplossings vir boere. Luister hier:

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Hiermee ‘n transkripsie van sy meedeling:

Alan Winde, DA Western Cape Premier Candidate; 24 April 2019

Today I am in the Karoo, visiting farming areas. Reports that solar plants on Western Cape farms are being blocked by red tape and approval processes from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) and Eskom only further highlight the ANC’s resistance to independent power production in the midst of South Africa’s energy crisis.

The ANC national government’s chokehold of South Africa’s energy sector and monopoly over power production and distribution has led to an inevitable outcome: rolling black outs and an economy buckling under severe energy insecurity. Businesses suffer during loadshedding – including farms – which cannot operate when the lights are out and which places jobs at risk.

The Democratic Alliance will fight for NERSA and Eskom to release the Western Cape from unnecessary red tape to keep our province’s economy on a firm footing.

The Western Cape has legalised generating your own electricity with solar panels in 22 municipalities, and in 18 of those, you can sell excess electricity back to the grid. And six studies have been conducted exploring the potential of natural gas to supply power and create jobs in the province.

The DA will continue the fight to source electricity from Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Already, IPP projects in the Western Cape have generated over 3 200 jobs per year, despite national government’s restrictions. Many more jobs could be created through IPPs and lower our unemployment rate further if we work around the ANC’s resistance to this growth.

Between November 2013 and June 2017, the Western Cape had generated 2554 gigawatt hours of green electricity, offsetting 2,6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This is in line with our province’s commitment to sustaining energy supply while reducing carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

Currently, Western Cape municipalities have seen a 600% increase in solar PV capacity since 2015, adding an additional 60MW of installed solar PV capacity. As a result, the price of renewable energy has dropped from R3,50 to 60c per Kw creating an affordable, green energy alternative for our province. By the end of the 2018/19 financial year, 14 Western Cape Government facilities will have solar PV installed, saving R4,4 million each year in electricity costs.

This is proof that only the DA-led Western Cape is the continental leader in the green renewable energy space, and the most advanced Province in terms of renewable energy generation.  Getting energy production right in the Western Cape is not only for the Western Cape to succeed, but for South Africa to succeed.

Only the DA can bring real energy security to the Western Cape through a comprehensive plan to diversify energy supply using cheap, green alternatives. The DA is also the only party that can fight the ANC at national government to release the country from its monopoly over the energy sector, providing the energy security that we so desperately need.

Received from:  Dirk Linde, DA Provincial Media Officer

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