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Overberg Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Langeberg Bulletin

The Department of Health visited Working on Fire and SSK vaccinated some those who are unable to visit the vaccination sites. 



To date a total of 145 556 vaccinations has been administered in the Overberg District this includes health workers, special groups, and people over 18. 

Overall, the Overberg District is doing well with the vaccination rollout, and we are happy to see that the communities are open to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, but we can do more, and we need you to play your part by coming for your vaccination.   

Many of our vaccination sites have a quick, slick and efficient vaccination journey in place. It is also completely free.

We know time matters, which is why at most of our sites, from the time you arrive, until you leave, and including the mandatory 15-minute observation period, you will be in and out, vaccinated and protected, within 30 minutes!   

Over the past week the department of Health has gone above and beyond to ensure that our vulnerable are vaccinated. Our roving teams visited various farms and stores as well as local businesses.

Bokmakiri Bookshop Swellendam

In Swellendam the Department of Health recently visited Working on Fire and SSK to vaccinated some those who are unable to visit the vaccination sites. 

Mbekiseni Mjalili
Roving vaccination team visits SSK in Swellendam. Mbekiseni Mjalili is proud of his jab.

Department urges citizens not to delay taking the first vaccination to ensure they have enough time between doses to complete their vaccination by December.

If you wish to fully vaccinate by Christmas, your first vaccine should be administered no later than 20 October. The Health Department appeals to all citizens to prioritise vaccination. 

No-one needs to pre-register. Please don’t delay but visit your closest site. 

Please visit our web page for the list of weekend and week sites or call 0860142142 for direction. 

Save Your Summer. Vaccination is for you. 

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