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Swellendam Music Society hosts second delightful event

International guests enjoy South African music

The Swellendam Music Society recently hosted their second very successful concert and for the first time they had foreign tourists in attendance: two gentlemen from Cologne in Germany.

The Swellendam Music Society also had a number of people who specially came for the concert (and Bev Missing’s Saturday market) from towns around the Western Cape.

Swellendam Buurtwag

This time they a gave an opportunity to a young Swellendammer, Christelle Glatz, to play with two professional musicians. Outreach and youth development are key pillars of the Society’s vision.

If you have not yet joined the Swellendam Music Society, please do so. The next concert on 22 January 2022 will be another stunner: Piano, Violin and French Horn.

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