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Municipal Election 2021 Podcast

PODCAST: An afternoon with Swellendam’s top politicians

Bulletin Buzz
Written by Mickey Mentz

On the eve of a very important municipal election, listen to what Swellendam’s candidates have to say.

Bokmakiri Bookshop Swellendam

Still not sure who to vote for on November 1? Listen to the Podcast below.

PodcastRecorded on October 21 @ Bokmakiri Bookshop.

WATCH: Swellendam politicians have the final say



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Mickey Mentz

I sometimes dance naked in the canola fields of Swellendam, but when I wake up, I'm at home in my Barrydale bed. As die nuutste toevoeging to the Bulletin span sien ek daarna uit om die omgewing en sy mense beter te leer ken.

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