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Voortrek Street excavations necessary to decrease pipe bursts and water losses

Written by Elana Theunissen

The main street in Swellendam has become a total nightmare to navigate through and looks more like an excavation site than a public road.  Available parking around Swellendam Magistrate’s Court is nearly non-existent.

Swellendam Municipality’s spokesperson, Bianca Mckechnie explained to the Bulletin upon enquiry that the current roadworks is part of the SMT 58/20/21 – Swellendam Pressure Management Project which the Municipality communicated about in 2021 (August and October 2021).

Mckechnie confirmed that the pressure management project is currently excavating in Voortrek Street from Spar towards the old Swellengrebel Hotel. 

The purpose of the excavation is to install a new pipeline, valves and chambers in order to create pressure management zones.  The objective of the project is to have better control over the water pressure in the pipelines, thereby decreasing pipe bursts and water losses”, she added.

The Municipality requests all residents to regard barricaded areas as a construction site, and hence respected as such.  The Contractor is in charge of the construction site. Pedestrians and motorists are not allowed to enter the construction site, nor disregard the barricading.  Only approved construction personnel are allowed within the perimeters of the barricaded areas.

A traffic flow management system is in place.  Motorists need to adhere to the guidance of the traffic controllers and construction sign boards.

Says Mckechnie: “The Municipality ensured that all safety considerations are in place to protect both the public and the Contractor and urges the public to work together to avoid an incident or injury during the process of construction.  It apologises for the inconvenience caused by the construction work in Voortrek Street.”

No completion date was available upon going to print.

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