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Two brilliant students qualify as teachers

Basil May – Swellendam Bursary Fund; 12-04-22

When the Swellendam Bursary Fund started on 25 October 2005, helping students to study further, they did not foresee how difficult their task would become.

Swellendam simply does not seem to have the capacity or appetite to help the Fund grow to its full potential.  Similarly, they did not imagine how fulfilling it would be at times.  With limited resources, many bursary recipients have developed into good ambassadors of their town and excellent scholars.  This is remarkable because most of them are first generation students coming from homes where money is often in short supply.

Earlier this year the Bursary Fund awarded three merit bursaries to bursary recipients who are still studying and doing exceedingly well. 

In addition, there are ex-bursars who completed their studies last year in an equally admirable manner.  This is further proof that the hard work of the Bursary Fund Council and their loyal band of helpers is not in vain.  The immeasurable talents of the youth of Swellendam have to be nurtured to the benefit of the individuals involved, as well as the community as a whole.

Vanessa Slingers Swellendam Onnie
Vanessa Slingers

Vanessa Slingers completed her matric at Swellendam Secondary School in 2017, where she served as head girl.  She has much praise for the teachers who continued to support her while she was studying at North West University.   She finally received her B Ed degree Cum Laude on 5 April 2022.  As a student she did not just participate in academic work, but also held leadership positions and engaged in community outreach programmes on a voluntary basis, including being the Coordinator of Children and Youth Development. The tragic loss of her mother who died while she was in her second year, had an immense effect on her ability to focus fully on her studies.  Nevertheless, she persevered and started at her alma mater this year. 

Alnicia Rossouw

Alnicia Rossouw has also done the Bursary Fund, her school and family proud.  She received her B Ed degree at the same function and obtained 8 distinctions in her final examinations at the University of the North West . In her matric year she served as a prefect at Swellendam Secondary School and used the opportunity to prepare her for future leadership positions. 

She also started teaching at Swellendam Secondary School at the beginning of the year and teaches Creative Arts and Natural Sciences.

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It is clear that these two teachers will serve their learners well because they want to plough back and emulate the good example of their teachers.  The fact that they are able to work in the community that they know, is a definite advantage.  They are wished well on their journey of being educators in their home town. 

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